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MAK Zielfernrohrmontagen

Mounting Systems - Made in Germany

We are the specialists for telescopic sight mountings and hunting gun accessories.

  • Fixed mount in 2 pieces
  • Flex mount
  • Two piece pivot mount
  • Quick release mounts in two pieces
  • Quick release mounts in one piece
  • MAK-Mounts
  • MAK-Special Mounts

Besides our existing productline we would like to present you the latest MAK developments.

These new innovations, partially world wide, have been tested in the most extreme situations to make sure that they are worthy of the name MAK, the name of precision.
Constant innovation and improvements make our products ready for the highest quality standard, serving our clients. In this process longstanding standards are improved upon, and the existing best is optimized.

Pure Precision: Kilic Feintechnik GmbH (Kilic Precision Engineering Inc.)

  • Precision milled from aircraft grade aluminium.
  • All working parts in hardened steel.
  • Absolutely recoil proof, and guaranteed return to zero when taken off.
  • As with all MAK products exemplary in design and function.

Our Company is a leader in this international specialist market and trades on the basis of innovative ideas, uncompromising quality at a fair price and with numerous patented constructional items. For example, our Mounts are guaranteed for 40 years to meet the highest of everyday demands - on all continents.

Our Overall Catalog:

Everything easily viewable at a glance and in three languages: Our Overall Catalog.

Our latest Overall Catalog with our entire product range which is obtainable through retail outlets. The Catalog has been printed in the German, French and English languages in A 4 format and has 44 pages.

The entire Catalog can also be easily downloaded.

Please request the download Link - if interested to download the Catalog!

www.kilic-feintechnik.de/catalog/(our new catalog)